Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, 8/27/2009


Good Readers/Good Writers
  • We spent the first few minutes of class talking with a partner about our ten annotations.
  • We discussed Nabokov's essay as a class, briefly, and Nolan and Greta were kind enough to re-enact the scene in with the reader meets the writer at the top of a hill.  :-)
  • We reviewed several "good reader" posts from the wiki.  Many people hit on some of the same ideas as Nabokov did in his essay.
iBook Workshop

  • We worked about forty minutes on the mythology powerpoints, and everyone finished. 

Reading Journal
  • I handed out and went over the Reading Journal expectations.
  • Nabokov Reading Journal (p. 4)


  • I handed out and went over the syllabus.  
  • I answered people's questions.
  • I talked briefly about how and why I teach this class.  The most important thing to remember is that anyone can become a better reader by using strategies and by reading more.

  • We learned the following words:  novice, adversity, and impudent.
  • We worked with the words on our green handout.
  • We recorded the three new words on our green vocabulary grids.

Six-Way Paragraph
  • We did our first six-way paragraph today, "The Story of the Hamburger".  
  • These paragraphs will help us practice key comprehension skills like determining the main idea, understanding vocabulary words in context, and making inferences.
  • At the end of the block, each person checked and scored his/her own paragraph, then turned them in.

  • We read for about twenty-five minutes today.

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