Friday, August 28, 2009


"Good Readers, Good Writers"
  • Everyone starred his/her most thoughtful, most detailed RJ response to Nabokov's essay.
  • I called on people who volunteered a strong answer.  I didn't hear from everyone today, but those people who didn't get to speak much will be our top priority Monday.
  • As people shared responses, I reminded everyone to make sure and answer the questions fully, using examples from the text to support your responses.
  • I reviewed how the RJ should be formatted and what the left-hand pages should be used for.
  • At the end of our discussion, several people shared their left-hand-page answers.

Greek Mythology
  • We reviewed people's myth definition wiki responses.
  • We pulled out some common characteristics.
  • We didn't create a complete definition today, but we're on our way.
  • We went over pages 49-50 as a way of thinking about how myths still resonate today.
  • We got our feet wet with four mythology powerpoints today--Nick, Tyler, Brad and Cassey.
  • We took notes.

  • We decorated/designed our nametags.  :-)

  • Read “Popular Mechanics”, and do the RJ. (p. 7)  You will need to find out what kind of magazine  "Popular Mechanics" is, and you'll need to read a Bible story.
  • Vocabulary Review
  • We studied the three new words for a couple of minutes, and then we spent some time reviewing them.

  • We identified the four different kinds of reading, and we talked about why we read (different purposes).
  • I passed out the Reading Records, and each person filled one out.
  • I passed out the Daily Reading Logs, and I explained how to use them, and everyone filled one out.
  • Everyone decorated/designed a name card.
Six-Way Paragraph
  • We read "Why Do They Do It?
  • We answered the questions, then checked our answers in class.
  • We had about forty minutes to read in third block, and we had about twenty minutes ini fourth block.
  • Bring your binder and dividers Monday.
  • Read for thirty minutes on your own.

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