Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, 8/26/2009

Welcome to AP, officially!

Big Ideas
  • We talked about the overarching questions for the class:
  • What does a good reader do?
  • What does a good writer do?
  • I introduced our mantra: Talk to the text!

Online Reminders
  • I talked about how we will use the wikispace, and I gave the information for this blog's address.
  • Every class member is now a member of the wiki.

Backbone Literature
  • We talked about what a backbone is, and how and why it's important. :-)
  • We talked about Greek mythology as part of that backbone.
  • I talked about why I feel studying some Greek mythology is important (page 45, blue section).
  • I briefly introduced some of the key figures in mythology--pages 46-7.
  • We reviewed on the big screen which Greek figures class members are interested in, per their wiki posts.
  • Each class member selected one to create a powerpoint for, directions for which are on page 48.

iBook Workshop Time
  • We had about twenty minutes to research and/or start creating the Greek mythology powerpoints.

  • Read Nabokov's essay on pages 4-6 (yellow section).
  • Talk to the test. Make at least ten annotations. (Today in class I modeled how to make annotations.)


Question Bowl
  • We each took a question about reading from the Question Bowl.
  • Several people read their questions, then answered them.
  • We listened, and we responded to the question as well, if we had something to add.

Read-and-Relax/Just-Right Books
  • I explained what a "just-right" book is (one you can comfortably read; one that appeals to you; one where you know most vocabulary).
  • I showed where the books were located in the room, and everyone browsed to find one book they could read comfortably today during Read-and-Relax.
  • We read for twenty minutes.

  • I pulled people into the hallway one at a time to do a level-check for reading. Anyone I missed today I will listen to tomorrow or Friday.

  • I handed out and explained the two surveys about you as a reader.
  • People completed the surveys, then continued reading.

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