Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, 5/4


The Sound and the Fury
  • We talked about people's questions over the last thirty pages of Quentin's chapter.
  • We added to our motif poster.
  • We looked at the Shakespeare passage from Macbeth.  We'll look at it again as the week progresses.
  • We wrote for five minutes about what similarities we saw between the scene with Quentin and the Italian girl, and Quentin and Caddy.  I'll read those, and we'll discuss them tomorrow.
  • We read for twenty minutes, pages 113-139.
  • The last five minutes we spent listing Jason's various philosophies about women, African-Americans, immigrants, Jews, farmers, his niece....  

  • Read pages 113-139.
  • Highlight Jason's beliefs and theories.
  • We read.
  • We typed book reports.

  • Staffers started selling in earnest today.  Remember, you need to sell during at least two time slots for your homework grade.
  • Production continues with computer layout, indexing, finishing the art, proofing, and taking the covers to the printer.  
  • Friday is deadline day.

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