Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, 5/5


The Sound the Fury
  • We started our motif poster about Jason's chapter.
  • We discussed everyone's questions about pages 1-139.
  • We wrote for five minutes about a "big question" from the novel, something we can discuss Thursday or Friday, something beyond merely plot.  For example, Paul asked, "Who is the protagonist of this novel?  Who is the antagonist?"  And Brad asked, "What about nature versus nurture?  Are some people born messed up, or does their upbringing make them that way?"
  • We read independently (and allegedly quietly), pages 139-165.

Writing Conferences
  • I talked with Amanda and Zach.  Andrew and Alex, you guys are up tomorrow.

  • Finish Jason's chapter, page 165.
  • We read.
  • We took quizzes and typed book reports.
  • I had a conference with each senior about how things are going during these last eight days.

  • Amanda brought snacks!  Thanks, Amanda!
  • Computer layout continues.
  • Proofing continues.
  • We got the covers to the printer for copying.
  • Artwork fine-tuning continues.

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