Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, 4/22


Homework Due
  • We turned in the Foster chapters on geography and seasons.

Poetry Explication
  • The "Sloth" group presented today.

Poetry Explication--Digging Deeper
  • I handed out and explained the requirements for the next group poem explication.
  • We created groups and drew for poems.
  • We took thirty minutes to read the poem a few times, start discussing it, and talk about possible approaches to the presentation.
  • Everyone left the group work with a job to do tonight for homework.

Writing Workshop--Mango Essay
  • I handed back the packet of gradually increasing goodness, and I gave some reminders about summarizing, citing, etc.
  • We took thirty minutes to read our second drafts again, answer a few questions on the green sheet, then start drafting our almost-final draft.
  • Group poem explication work--prepare for tomorrow's group meeting.
  • A shocking development today--we read.

  • We got SO much done today!  I reminded everyone we have THIRTEEN DAYS left to get the book finished and handed over to Stacy for copying.
  • I put a bunch of jobs up on the board, and people jumped in and started working.
  • We got a lot of loose ends tied up, and we are ready to lay out in earnest tomorrow. 

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