Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, 4/7


Reading Journal Reminders
  • Answer ALL parts of the questions asked.
  • If you say something is like something else, that's a great way to show you understand the reading; but you need to show or explain HOW AND WHY the piece you're reading is like something else.  Make the link.
  • If you have the text in front of you, use textual citations.  You should never say something like, "I don't remember that part," for example, because if you have the text in front of you, you will reread it to find the answer.
"A Rose for Emily"
  • Several people read their answers from the "A Rose for Emily" RJ to show examples of how they are thinking, how they are showing their thinking, and how they are supporting their thinking with examples from the text.
  • We continued discussing our original questions for this story.  Some we've answered in the interim discussions, and some we hashed out today.

The House on Mango Street
  • We took the quiz over the middle section of the book.

  • We started the "A Rose for Emily" essay.

Writing Conferences
  • I had one writing conference today in class, and I scheduled two more for third block and seminar.  I will call you guys back one at a time to talk about your Frankenstein and Backbone essays.

  • Finish reading Mango for tomorrow.  
  • Read and think about the study guide questions, since I'll pull tomorrow's quiz questions from there.
  • Finish typing your "Rose" essay for THURSDAY.

  • We had no special announcements.
  • Several people typed book reports.
  • Some people selected new books.
  • Everyone read their books.
  • We read and selected.  We are trying to finish the reading in the next three to four days.

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