Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, 4/28


The Sound and the Fury
  • We took a few notes over Professor Davis' thoughts on interior monologue, internal analysis, and sensory impressions.
  • We discussed all questions people had over pages 1-17.  Some questions we answered definitively, and some questions we half-answered, and some questions we left open.
  • Ben continued to list the events we've seen in Benjy's chapter, on our Events Poster.
  • Shelby started a poster for motifs, and we noted some of those as well.
  • We had twenty-five minutes left for independent reading today, so people continued reading, highlighting, annotating, and filling out the events/caretaker chart.

  • Read pages 18-35 for tomorrow.
  • We read, typed book reports, and looked for new books.

  • Production continues....

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