Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, 4/27


  • We turned in our Mango essays--the last official essay of the year.  :-)
Poetry Explication
  • We heard from Tina and Zach with their poetry presentation over "A Green Cornfield".  The "Song" and "April" groups evaluated.

The Sound and the Fury
  • We listened to two mini-lectures from Professor Thadious Davis about William Faulkner's "most splendid failure", Faulkner's place as a Modernist, Faulkner's desire to "make things new", and Faulkner's use of time-"The past isn't dead--it's not even past."
  • I handed out a three-column organizer for the novel to show how old Benjy his, depending on who's taking care of him:  Versh, T.P. or Luster.
  • I read aloud the first six pages, and we talked about the events Benjy is recalling, what's triggering those memories, who all the characters are and how they're related....
  • Ben started a poster about the events in the chapter, which we'll add to tomorrow.
  • We had twenty-five minutes remaining to read, highlight and annotate.

  • Read, highlight and annotate pages 1-17 of The Sound and the Fury.

  • We read.
  • I read, commented on, then handed back book reports.
  • We updated our yellow reading records.
  • Ten day countdown--we continued working on producing the magazine.

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