Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, 4/29


The Sound and the Fury
  • We discussed all questions people had from pages 1-35.  Everyone in class tried to help each other answer questions by making guesses, supported by evidence from the book.
  • We made inferences like crazy.
  • We continued our list of events in Benjy's chapter.
  • We continued our list of motifs in Benjy's chapter.
  • I handed out the symbol/motif chart for Quentin's chapter.
  • We had thirty-five minutes for independent reading.

  • Read pages 35-55 for tomorrow.
  • Continue tracking events on your yellow sheet for Benjy's chapter.
  • Start filling out the blue sheet for Quentin's chapter.
  • We read.
  • We typed book reports.
  • We got grade printouts, assessed them for correctness, and updated our yellow reading records as necessary.
  • We continued production of the magazine.

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