Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday, 3/11/2009


Test Preparation
We talked about what "reviewing" for a unit test looks like:
  • making an outline
  • making flashcards
  • pretending you're the teacher, and asking questions she'd ask, then answerin them
  • quizzing each other
We went over mythology figures and filled in the blanks.  I answered any questions asked regarding the objective unit final.

Bible Stories
We had about thirty or forty minutes to work on the Bible Powerpoints.

We planned out the next three days as follows:
  • Thursday--view Bible Powerpoints; ask final test questions
  • Friday--take objective unit final; get new textbook chapter; discuss writing reminders for Monday's in-class essay
  • Monday--take the in-class essay

Homework Due
  • Revised Poem #1

Peer Conferencing
  • We turned to page 89 and used the questions there to fill out our peer conferencing sheets.
  • We partnered up with someone new, and we reminded ourselves to do a super-thoughtful and detailed conference for our partners.

Writing Workshop
  • We revised Poem #2 to a second draft.
  • We filled out a peer conference sheet for it, then traded with someone.

  • I read Portfolio Reflection #3, as a reminder of things to consider as you put your portfolios together.
First-Grader Interview
  • I passed out the interview questions.  For homework, highlight at least ten questions you want to ask your interview buddy tomorrow.
  • Peer conference Revised Poem #2
  • Highlight ten interview questions
  • Work on portfolio

Fiction Circle!
We had another great round of stories today:
  • Ryan
  • Tina
  • Mike


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