Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, 3/10/2009


Backbone Literature Unit Wind-Down
  • We talked about Professor Foster's chapter, "It's All Greek to Me", discussing people's highlights, and talking about how what Foster had to say was intersecting in some ways with what Brown and Miller talked about, and what we've been talking about in class the last couple of weeks.
  • I put up on screen more examples of dramatic irony in Oedipus.  People updated their notes by listing any they didn't already have recorded.
  • I passed out a list of Bible stories and figures, and everyone chose one to create a Powerpoint for.  We worked on it in class for thirty-forty minutes.  They are due on Thursday, in the Student Volume folder, saved as your last name in "Bible Powerpoints" folder.
Backbone Literature Unit Exam Preparation
  • I handed out the review sheet for the exam, and I went over it briefly.  I'll go over it in more detail tomorrow, when I hear what questions you have.
  • Prepare for Thursday and Friday's Unit Exam, carefully and thoughtfully thinking about and preparing for the items I've included on your review sheet.

Homework Due
  • Completed peer conference over Prose Revision #3

Big Picture Planning and Organization
  • I handed out and explained the Prose Revision evaluation sheets (fuschia).  I gave examples of how to fill them out based on people from last year.
  • We set the due date for the Prose Revisions--THURSDAY, when you come in for class.
  • We looked at Alex's example of three drafts of his revised poem on pages 86-88.  We talked about changes we saw from draft to draft, and we talked about the importance of creating at least THREE drafts, that a lot of powerful changes would never have been made if he'd stopped with draft two.
  • We read over the questions on page 89 to guide us in our poetry revisions.

Writing Workshop
  • We work on the following items, in order of necessity:
  • Complete three prose conferences.
  • Create final drafts of each of your three prose pieces.
  • Thoughtfully fill out a pink sheet for each prose revision final draft.
  • Revise Poem #1, making at least ten changes to make it stronger.  Use page 89 for help.  This is due when you walk in tomorrow.

  • Revised Poem #1, second draft, with AT LEAST TEN CHANGES highlighted or annotated.
  • We did the fiction circle with the short stories!  Yay!

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