Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, 3/9/2009


Homework Due
  • RJ for "Close Reading

  • I handed out an essay written by a high school teacher about why philosophy should be taught in high school.  Everyone read it silently.
  • I handed out some basic information on philosophy, wisdom, and suffering (definitions; quotations).
  • We split into groups of five-six (what I'm calling our Philosophy Discussion Groups), and we had about half an hour to consider the following questions:
Why study philosophy?
Why not?
What is wisdom?
What is suffering?
Is there anything to be gained by suffering?

Philosophy Group Discussion Expectations
  • One person speaks at a time.
  • Comments should include references to previous statements by other group members, (a) so they know you're listening to them, and (b) so the discussion has continuity and flow.
  • Each group member should take personal notes, and one person should record a list of future discussion questions.
  • Everyone did a few minutes of journaling about what went well in the discussion groups, what could improve them, and what overall impressions were made.

Literary Terms
  • We had about fifteen minutes to play Slap It! with the purple and orange vocabulary cards.
Writing Workshop
  • Show me Revised Prose #2 (minimum of ten changes marked) for homework grade
  • Fill out gold peer conference sheet (using page 83) for Revised Prose #2
  • Peer Conference over Revised Prose #2 (new partner)
  • Revise Prose #3 to second draft by end of block
  • Fill out gold peer conference sheet over Revised Prose #3, and trade it with a partner

  • Peer conference over Revised Prose #3
  • Portfolio

  • Miranda passed back the graphic memoirs and the Russian tailor poems, so we read comments and did a folder log-in.

Short Story
  • I went over the rubric again, mainly as a way of reminding people what the expectations were, and to give people ideas of what to peer conference about.
  • We filled out gold peer conference sheets, and we traded stories with a partner and did a peer conference.
  • Some people created their final drafts of the story, then took them down for copying.
  • Others are still working and will need tonight to finish.
  • We'll start reading stories tomorrow!  :-)
  • Nature Poem (due when you come in tomorrow)

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