Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, 3/6/2009


I passed out a sheet with our Backbone Literature Unit wrap-up information, and I went over what we'd be doing for the next few days.

Discussion Topics
  • Miller essay, "Tragedy and the Common Man"
  • What makes someone heroic in modern times
  • People we've seen or heard about in the news that acted in heroic ways
  • We watched segments seven and eight from the History Channel, and we continued our note-taking.
Literary Terms
  • We went through the orange and purple cards and made sure we had correct definitions.
  • Read the last pages in the section, Francine Prose's piece entitled, "Close Reading".
  • Answer the RJ questions.
  • Study your orange and purple vocabulary cards.

Peer Conferencing
  • We read the model in the book from Ryan and Kailey.  We talked about what an excellent peer conference looks like.  We filled out our gold conference sheets, and then we traded pieces with a partner.  People took their time to do their best work and make at least ten comments on the revised drafts.  I took a look at everyone's conference, just to make sure everyone's on the right track.

Writing Workshop
  • People started working on their REVISED SECOND DRAFT of the second prose piece.
  • Start working on your portfolio.  You have this weekend, and next weekend, and then it's due!
  • Create a revised second draft of Prose Revision #2.  Highlight at least ten changes on the second draft.  It's due when you walk in the door Monday--no printing the first few minutes of the block.

Short Story
  • I handed out and went over the rubric.
  • I clarified some questions about the storyboard.
  • I conferenced with everyone individually about his or her storyboards--these stories are sounding terrific!  I can't wait to hear them next week!

Nature Poem
  • I handed out copies and read three nature poems.

Writing Workshop
  • Most people worked on storyboards or the short story.

  • Short Story--due by 3:30 Monday
  • Nature Poem--due when you come in on Tuesday

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