Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday, 3/12/2009


Reminders from Guest Speakers
  • AP Exam registration forms are due to Mrs. S. tomorrow.  If payment is an issue, please speak with her--she can probably help solve that problem.
  • If you want to have a chance at being one of the graduation speakers, get your essay to Ms. A. by TUESDAY, 3/17.
The Bible
  • Today we viewed Powerpoint presentations (and took notes) over Biblical stories and figures.  

  • Review for the objective unit final, which is tomorrow.

First-Grader Interviews
  • I handed out and explained the expectations for today's interviews (pink sheet).
  • We went to Stewart and spent the block interviewing our first-grader, reading to him or her, and chatting and drawing pictures.  The information we gathered today will help us create a children's story for each first-grader, using that student as the main character.
  • Revise Poem #3 with at least ten changes--second draft due when you walk in tomorrow
  • Work on your portfolio.

Fiction Circle
  • We continued with the short stories today:  Andrew, Jacayla and Brittany E.

  • Select four pieces to revise--two poems and two prose.

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