Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday, 3/13/2009


  • Today is the deadline for registering for the AP Exam in May.  Please see Mrs. S. today if you want to sign up.

Backbone Unit Test
  • We spent most of the block on the objective part of this test.
  1. Prepare for the in-class essay (see Backbone Unit Review sheet).
  2. For chapter 22 and 25 do the following:
  • read
  • highlight
  • annotate--five times of you talking to the text (asking questions; agreeing; disagreeing; adding your own point, etc.)

Homework Due
  • Revised draft of Poem #3
Writing Workshop
  • We filled out a gold peer conference sheet using page 89, and stapled our packets Peer We peer conferenced over Poem #3.
  • We reviewed our prose pink sheet and answered questions about how to fill them out.
  • We filled out the Revised Prose pink sheet for each revision.  (Your final drafts are done, right?)
  • At 12:30, I walked through putting them all together and handing them in to me.
  • We started creating final drafts of the poem revisions.
  • We printed copies of final drafts for PORTFOLIOS.
  • Take your folder with you today!  You might need it for your PORTFOLIO!
  • Work on your portfolio.
  • Work on your poetry revisions.

We had a PAR-TAY!  Happy Birthday, you-know-who!

Fiction Circle
  • Today, we hear and commented on stories from Sarah, Rikki and Emilee--good stuff!
  • We shared which four pieces we're going to revise next week.
  • We wrote our short story reflections.

  • On EACH piece you're going to revise, make notes about what you're going to change to make it stronger.

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