Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, 3/16/2009

AP English

Homework Due
  • We handed in the Professor Foster chapters 22 and 25  from Friday (highlighted with five annotations each).

College Preparation
  • Hunter was here to talk about his experiences as a freshman at Pella.

  • Derek handed back papers--thanks, Derek!

Essay Writing
We took a few minutes to write down our thesis for tomorrow's paper, then made an outline of the arguments we're going to use.

I handed out Writing Reminders, and I went over each one.  We had six people read to show strong examples of the following:
  • Transitions--Lucas 
  • Intro and conclusions and hooks--Asbury, Andrew and Tina
  • Preparation and using examples--Mackenzie
  • Prepare for the in-class essay (tomorrow).
  • Finish your Bible Powerpoint, if necessary.

Writing Workshop
Last call for Prose Revisions--anybody else?
We finalized our Poetry Revisions and turned them in.  
Please, get all revisions in by the end of class tomorrow.

First-Grader Kids' Story Preparation
  • I handed out the Facebook Character Profile, and people started working on them.
  • I handed out the Short Story Proposal sheet.
  • I e-mailed Mrs. Green with additional questions people had.
  • Please have both of these completed at the start of class on Tuesday.
  • We kicked around some portfolio, and basically, people helped each other out with ideas--nice job, guys!  Thank you for helping each other!

Revision Week
  • I handed out the checklist for revisions, and I talked about our plan for the week.

Writing Workshop
  • Revisions
  • Earthbook submissions
  • Class book submissions

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