Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, 3/17/2009


I checked everyone's outline, and then I handed out the rubric for the in-class essay.

We spent the block typing the in-class essay, then self-assessing, then handing everything in.

  • Read page 1 of the white section.
  • Read "Elegy for Jane" on page 3.
  • Read the definition of "elegy" on page 3.
  • Answer the RJ questions #1-4 only.

Organization/Due Dates
  • I called again for revisions--we still have a few sets out.
  • Portfolios are due THURSDAY, 3/19.

Writing Workshop--Kids' Story
  • I put up an example of a six-panel storyboard and explained the plot point.
  • I handed out blank storyboards so people could start constructing their own plot-points.
  • I e-mailed Mrs. Green more questions from you guys, so you could add detail to your stories.
  • People worked on the following
Facebook Character Sketch
Short Story Proposal
Six-Panel Storyboard
  • I called about half the people in class back, one by one, and we conferenced about the three kids' story prep sheets, as well as Earthbook submissions.  I'll conference with the rest of you guys tomorrow.
  • Portfolio--Thursday
  • Kids' Story--Thursday
  • Vittles/snacks--TOMORROW
Homework Due
  • I checked the completed peer conference for Prose Revision #1.

Writing Workshop
  • Review comments from peer conference.
  • Revise Prose #2.
  • Fill out gold peer conference sheet for Revised Prose #2.
  • Revise Poem #1.

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