Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday, 3/3/2009


Homework Due
  • Foster's Chapter 7 Outline

  • Everyone got lots of papers back.

  • Oedipus Journal Topic
  • Each person selected ONE question to respond to in a ten-minute, informal journal.  We turned these in when we were finished.

  • I put my outline for chapter six up on the overhead, and I showed my thinking.
  • One thing you need to know how to do is take something you've read, highlighted and annotated, and group and sort the bits of information in a way that makes sense to YOU.  You have to look for connections and contrasts, then find--make, really--the meaning for yourself.
  • I put up notes for the Oedipal Complex, and we discussed them at some length.  We also talked about what a Freudian Slip for a paraxis is.

  • We watched episodes 5 and 6 of the History Channel's Greek Gods and Goddesses and took notes (fate; worship; free will; variety of gods; Olympics; prophecy).
Literary Vocabulary
  • We spent the last ten minutes quizzing each other over the pink and blue cards.

  • Read "My Oedipus Complex"
  • Do the RJ questions.  (pp. B22-B30)

Homework Due
  • Snapshot Poem
  • Answerless Questions
Writing Experiment #12
  • We picked one of four options, and we typed for fifteen minutes.  See me for the prompts.
I put up a calendar of the last thirteen days of class.  Here's how we're dedicating our time:
  • six days--revision
  • two days--trips to Stewart for first-graders
  • one day--portfolio viewing; last day of term
  • two days--writing and illustrating children's stories
  • two days--going over portfolio requirements; selecting and saving Earthbook pieces; loos ends
We passed back some papers, and we did a folder log-in.

We look through our folders and selected THREE POEMS that we want to revise (and then probably put in our portoflios) and THREE PROSE that we want to revise (and then probably put in our portfolio).  We are starting REVISION on Thursday, and everyone needs to be looking forward, and ready to go.

  • About half the class read their Autobiographical Poems aloud, and we put them up on the Big Screen.  Everyone who didn't will read tomorrow.  We shared one detail that was something we learned (new) about the person from the poem
  • None

  • I put a calendar up on the board, and we talked about how we're going to spend our last thirteen days:  Fiction and Revision.

  • We discussed what makes a short story, and I took notes on the Big Screen.
  • I passed out the Short Story Proposal sheet (due Wednesday, by the end of the block), and I went over my expectations for that and answered questions.
  • I passed out the Character Facebook sheet, and I explained each part of that.  This is due when you walk in the door tomorrow, please.

Writing Workshop
  • We had forty minutes to work on Rent-a-Character, due today, or any aspect of the fiction short story.
Brain Pain
  • An Excellent Experience

  • Facebook Character Sheet
  • Short Story Proposal

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