Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, 3/4/2009


Homework Due
  • RJ for O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex"

  • We talked at length about O'Connor's story, and we made connections with our own family dynamics.

  • We listened to the Bee Gees tune, "Tragedy".  This is your audio cue to return to your desks.
  • We read Aristotle's definition of tragedy and looked at the generally accepted notion of what makes a tragedy (p. B15).
  • We began reading "Tragedy After Aristotle" on pages B16-B18.  For homework, finish reading this piece, highlighting and annotating as you go.  We'll discuss the points you've selected tomorrow.  Questions:  How do this points coincide with Aristotle's?  Where do they diverge?
Literary Terms
  • We played SLAP IT! for the last fifteen minutes of class, reviewing the poetry and the narrative terms.  I'd like to say, "Everyone was a winner"--but I can't.  :-)

  • See above

I handed out the Portfolio Reflection packet as a way of asking you the following:
  • What do I need to START WORKING ON to put my portfolio together?
  • What problems might I anticipate?
  • What pieces will I include in the portfolio?
We then watched an eight-minute slideshow with shots of portfolios of the last two years, to get ideas on creativity and imagination.

I passed around some actual portfolios from prior years, again, just to try to make this project more real to you, and to get it to start taking shape in your mind.

  • We shared the majority remainders of the Autobiographical Poems.  We still have three people to read Friday.  
  • I read the last three Life and Thirty pieces, and we laughed, and we guessed who they were.
  • We passed back some more papers, and we did a folder log in.

Revision Preparation
  • We made sure we had three poems to revise, and three prose to revise.
  • We discussed possibilities, then wrote down two or three changes we wanted to make to the prose pieces.

  • Start working on your portfolio!


  • We had everyone share one set of details from their Facebook character sketch and show their picture, then we turned those in.
  • I handed out and explained the character movie reel, and we did one as an example.

Writing Workshop
  • We had forty-five minutes to work on the Short Story Proposal (due at 3:00); then, we worked on either the character movie reel, or writing the story itself.

Brain Pain
  • Writing a Difficult Sentence!

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