Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, 3/2/2009


Homework Due
  • Chapter 6 outline

  • We watched the first ten minutes of Disney's Hercules, and then we discussed the following:
  • What names and references are familiar (Zeus, Hades, Cerebus, the Fates, Hermes, etc.)
  • What are the differences between the Disney version, and what we know from our mythology research?  (In Greek mythology Hera isn't Hercules' mother, and Hades isn't really a villain....)
  • What is the story?
  • Why is this the story being told?

Fate, Destiny, Predestination and Free Will
  • I put up definitions for each on the board, and we talked a bit about each one, as well as how these concepts are working in Oedipus, and how many modern religions do not embrace predestination as a tenet.  I passed out the topic for Friday's in-class essay over these topics.

Dramatic Irony
  • We combined forces and made a master list of the ironies in Oedipus Rex.  We discussed as we listed.
For Tuesday
  • Read, highlight, then TYPE an outline of Foster's chapter 7--"...or the Bible".

For Wednesday
  • Read "My Oedipus Complex".
  • Answer the RJ questions.  (pages B22-B30)

Homework Due
  • Answerless Questions--five complete
  • Perfect Moment, with completed rubric

Writing Experiment #11
  • We had three choices of poem prompts.  We spent twenty minutes typing, then turned our rough drafts in.

Figurative Language
  • We turned to page 55, and we talked about what a SYMBOL is.  We did three of the prompts as a starter (love; death; wealth), and then we spent a few minutes working quietly on the other seven prompts.  We shared our answers and talked about how symbols are a kind of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE.  
  • We then turned to the Answerless Questions, and we talked about the difference between LITERAL (or what I called "robot") language, and figurative.  For tomorrow, you need to create imaginative answers for all fifteen questions.
Musical Memory Trade and Read
  • We traded the Musical Memory piece, and read each other's.  We filled out a sheet saying what we liked about the piece, what questions we had, and ways we'd suggest making it stronger.

  • Snapshot Poem (with completed rubric)
  • Answerless Questions, all fifteen

  • We did a paper pass-back, and we did a folder log-in.

Writing Experiment #111
  • We typed for twenty minutes on one of the three prompts.  We saved and printed our rough drafts, then handed them in.
Writing Assignment
  • We started work on our Rent-a-Character scene.  We typed for about twenty-five minutes.  We will let this piece sit until tomorrow, when we'll work on it again.

Brain Pain
  • God Threw the Tip of the Dog in the Pit--we came up with a pretty decent list of words that make other words when reversed (rub--tub; desserts--stressed; star--rats).
  • None

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