Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday, 2/27/2009


  • We took a couple of minutes to put our binders in the right order.
  • We took Reading Quiz #2 over Oedipus.
Homework Due
  • We turned in the completed study guide.
  • We talked about the quiz questions, issues that were bothering us, questions we had....  We'll continue this discussion Monday.

Dramatic Irony
  • We took notes about what it is, then we got into groups to cite examples from the play where dramatic irony occurs.  We'll share these on Monday, and make a mammoth list.

  • I put up my outline of Professor Foster's chapter 5 as a way of showing what I wanted everyone to do for homework with chapters six and seven.
  • We watched the fourth segment of the History Channel's Gods and Goddesses, including concepts such as Hercules, heroes (not always extraordinarily good, just extraordinary).
  • Read, highlight and annotate chapter 6 "When In Doubt It's From the Shakespeare..."
  • Read, highlight and annotate chapter 7 "...Or the Bible" 
  • Create a one page outline (like the one I showed you in class) for each chapter.
  • Chapter 6 is due Monday; chapter 7 is due Tuesday.


Perfect Moment--Clarifying Requirements and Peer Conferencing
  • Most people had a second draft done today.  I handed out the rubric for this piece, and we talked about the importance of being mindful of what you are shooting for in this piece.  I handed out the form for the peer conference, and everyone paired up with someone new to read the second drafts of the perfect moments.  Partner's filled about the visualization sheet, as well as commented on how the writer was doing on the rubric items.

Snapshot Poem--Clarifying Requirements and Sharing
  • I had everyone read his or her strongest line from the poem thus far.  Cody and Ashley then read their poems in entirety, because they are heading in the right for this direction for this assignment, and hearing their poems help other people clarify what they need to be doing with this poem.  

  • We had fifteen minutes to work on the Perfect Moment OR the Snapshot Poem.

  • We talked about what it is, and we did the first prompt on page 56 together.  Then we revised the other four sentences, bringing in personification.  We talked briefly about how FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE is expressed in personification, similes, hyperbole....  LITERAL LANGUAGE says directly what it means.

New Assignment
  • We looked at Answerless Questions on pages 71-3.

  • We played Catchphrases for ten minutes--our highest guessing rate was seven.

  • Answerless Questions--answer five of them, thoughtfully and completely
  • Perfect Moment--due with rubric when you walk in Monday
  • Snapshot Poem--due with rubric when you walk in Tuesday
Homework Due
  • Graphic Memoir
  • I Am a Russian Tailor Poem

Writing Assignment
  • Rent a Character--take a character you know from movie, TV, cartoons...
  • We each selected an established character we liked (Batman, Jack Bauer, etc.).  We then partnered with someone else, and we wrote a dialogue scene between our two characters.  The goal was to  maintain the character with dialogue, gestures, and body language, but put him/her/it in a new setting, with a new conflict, that the authors created.
  • We went to the auditorium, and each pair read (and performed, in some cases) their dialogue.  This was fun to listen to/watch.
  • Monday each writer will create his or her own story, using the Rent-a-Character.

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