Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, 3/24/2009

First Day of Term Four


Literary Vocabulary Terms
  • Everyone laid out the green and yellow vocabulary cards for me to check, definition side up.  We went through them one by one, to make sure we all had accurate definitions, and we discussed how we've seen these things (monologues, tone, unity, etc.) in things we've read this term.

Philosophy Groups and Discussion
One group absorbed Lucas, who was the solo member left in his troupe.  Groups broke off to do the following:
  • discuss and fill in page nine, regarding "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"
  • write a sentence summarizing what each of the writers are saying about death in the four poems we've read thus far.

Poetry Discussion
  • We came back together to talk about "Do Not Go Gentle...."  It became clear that there were more things to discuss than possible in the time we had, so we tabled the rest of our discussion for tomorrow. 
  • We did not discuss the death sentences, but we will tomorrow.

  • We passed back papers, and we handed out term three final grade sheets.  
  • People who needed to came back and conferenced with me.
  • Some people put nametags on their desks, or created new ones.  Those of you that didn't will have your necks wrung tomorrow.  :-)
  • Journal for a page on the essay prompt at the bottom of page ten, comparing and contrasting the two death/father poems.  Make sure you read the prompt carefully so you explore the several questions I'm asking there.

  • I welcomed everyone to the first day of class, and I went over the general overview and expectations for the course.
  • People selected a book they felt looked interesting (if they didn't bring one with them to class), and then we went around the room and told what interested us about the book (topic, cover, length, heard someone else say it was good, etc.).
  • I showed people where books are in the room, and how they're sorted.
  • I handed out and explained the pink daily reading log, and people logged their time and pages today, as well as gave themselves a daily grade.
  • Everyone made a nametag for his or her desk, which I'll laminate and have ready later in the week.
  • I passed out the library trip permission slip.  Please have your folks sign it, and return it to me by Friday.
  • We viewed the cover possibilities, and we narrowed our choices to three
  • We went over deadlines and expectations (syllabus).
  • We talked about being respectful during the selection process--don't say something harsh or offensive.
  • We spent about forty minutes reading aloud submissions, deciding ins and outs, and sorting them into categories.
  • I handed out and explained the daily work logs.
Note:  Please remember you need to have your four submissions in the folder on the Student Volume by tomorrow, if you don't already.

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