Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, 3/26/2009

Homework Due
  • We handed in our "A Rose for Emily" packet.

Villanelle Discussion
  • I read "One Art" on page 11, and we talked about how it was a villanelle, but that it plays with the form a bit.
  • We looked back at "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" and discussed how it was a villanelle.
  • I read page 12, which gave some background on what a villanelle is.
  • I read two other examples, Hunter's and mine.
  • Now YOU are going to write a villanelle for THURSDAY, April 2nd.

Death Sentences
  • We heard from each group about its death sentence for the four poems we've read thus far.
Close Reading
  • I explained what the Socratic Fishbowl will look like tomorrow (explanation on page 33).
  • I talked about the importance of doing a very close, exhaustive reading of the poem, and annotating fiercely, on the page itself, and in your notes.
  • We had twenty minutes to read and annotate Robert Frost's "Out, Out--" on page 34.  I did stop people about five minutes into the worktime so I could see if everyone was on track.  People shared annotations they'd made thus far as examples.
Literary Terms
  • We played Jeopardy with the terms.  We played in our philosophy groups.  To say that this class is competitive does not even begin to approach the competitiveness I witnessed today.
  • Read "The Death of the Moth" on pages 35-6.
  • Answer the RJ questions.

  • I explained what to do when you finish reading a book (where to find your book review questions, how to type the review, etc.).
  • We read for about seventy minutes.
  • I handed out the permission slips.  
  • We voted to decide the front cover--it's posted in the Earthbook Corner, for your persusal.
  • Amanda proofed the publicity posters; I'll print them off after school.
  • Layout decided the font for each of the seven sections.
  • We read and selected, then sorted into categories.

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