Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday, 3/27/2009


Homework Due
  • People left their RJs with me so I could read their "Death of the Moth" responses.

Socratic Fishbowl--Robert Frost's "Out, Out--"
  • I handed out the things to be thinking about when you're in in the Inner Circle and when you're in the Outer Circle.  I reviewed expectations for this activity, and I answered questions for clarifications as needed.  I explained the purpose of the activity as well. 
  • First Inner Circle:  Megan, Amanda, Ben, Zach, Brad, Shelby, Cassie, Paul
  • First Outer Circle:  Lucas, Andrew, Miranda, Allie, Alex, Tina, Asbury, Brittany, Vincent
  • Each group had fifteen minutes in the inner circle for the first round, following by about five minutes in the follow-up round.
  • You guys did a turbo-stupendous job!  I am so proud of the way you jumped into the discussions, the way you listened to each other, the way you kept digging when you had a question, and overall the way you gave today your best effort.  Thank you!
  • We spent the last fifteen minutes completing the reflection.  Those who didn't have time to finish reflecting and writing can hand their work in later today or Monday.

  • Answer the RJ questions on pages 31-32 for "A Rose for Emily" as follows:  1, 3, 6, 20, 23, 26.
  • Please type your answers.
  • I took a few minutes to discuss non-fiction, and I recommended a few books that, while they are aimed at younger readers, are actually great sources of material for high school students and adults.
  • I went over the suggested reading deadlines for those aiming for an "A" for the term--ten books read by May 26th (or eight books ready by May 15th, if you're a senior).
  • We read for about seventy minutes.  If you missed class today, please read on your own this weekend, keep a log, and have a parent or guardian sign your log so I can give you make-up reading points.
  • We talked about the back cover again, but we couldn't reach a clear decision, so we'll explore some other options, and we'll re-visit the issue next Friday.
  • Publicity met to shape up letters/communications we want to use in the next few weeks.
  • Publicity made a letter to artists asking them to submit by April 10th.  They ran them off, and Ben will distribute them to people on the Art Service Club trip this weekend.
  • Publicity put up posters asking for written submissions--deadline, April 3rd.
  • Art met to look through submissions and discuss them.
  • Nikki and Megan will check out paper options this weekend and get back to us Monday or Tuesday.
  • We read and selected quietly for about half the block.


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