Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, 3/30/2009


  • We talked about "The Death of the Moth", and we discussed many tangents related (and unrelated) to death such as roadkill, hunting, meth labs, the root "path" (pathology; empathy; pathetic; sympathetic), and point of view.

Literature Terms
  • We reviewed the lit terms in a variety of ways, a little Bad Bingo, and a little Jeopardy.

  • The six "Rose for Emily" RJ questions are due TUESDAY, 3/31.  (See Friday's blog for specifics, please.)
  • You need to complete your Socratic Fishbowl reflection and hand it in, along with the annotated "Out, Out--" poem, and any additional notes you took.
  • Your villanelle is due THURSDAY, 4/2.  I will read half aloud on Thursday, and I'll read the other half aloud on Friday, without names.  And then we'll try to ascertain who wrote what.
  • I talked about what to do if you're absent, about how to make up your reading time.
  • I passed out grade printouts so people could see, again, the book deadlines, and whether or not they have any reading time to make up.
  • Four people talked about their books.
  • We read aloud for most of the block.
  • For tomorrow, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to help create for Earthbook for the rest of the term.  

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