Monday, February 23, 2009


Homework Due
  • Frankenstein essays

  • We watched Powerpoints on the following gods and goddesses:  Cronus, Atlas, Helios, Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, Athena, Hermes, and Hephaestus.  The presenters did a solid job of giving some good details and showing us some interesting images.  (If you were absent today, make sure you copy someone's notes.)  
  • We continued talking about how many elements from mythology are referenced today (allusions) in things we read and watch.
  • I showed some images of the sphynx, and talked a little about its background, and we took a few notes.  (If you were absent, get them from someone, please.)
  • We talked about anything people had questions about from pages 11-28, and we talked about the following topics as well:  in what ways is Oedipus a good man?  In what ways is he a good ruler?  Who/what is Tiresias?  What role does the chorus play?
  • I passed back the quizzes and exams, and I explained a little about grading.  Anyone who has questions or concerns should come see me during seminar today.

  • Read Oedipus, pages 28-42.  (We will have a reading quiz tomorrow.)
  • Answer the study guide questions #11-28--a phrase for each will do, though you might want to note the page number where you found the answer.
  • Bring in dvds of or links to shows that make allusions to mythology.

Homework Due
  • Musical Memory
Writing Experiment #10
We wrote for fifteen minutes on ONE of the following:
  • Fly on the Wall
  • Good Luck Charm
  • Gender Gap
(See me for explanation of the prompts.)

  • We passed back bunches of papers, and we did a folder log in.

Trade and Grade
  • We talked about how I comment on your papers, evidence:  underlining; commenting; saying favorite parts; basing rubric score on evidence; making editing corrections.
  • I handed out the checklist for the Prompt Word Trade and Grade.
  • We partnered up, and we traded and graded, following the checklist directions.
Descriptive Writing
  • We watched a Powerpoint on descriptive writing (using the senses; avoiding clichés).
  • We started a sketch of a person by making a bunch of comparisons about him/her.  This will turn into our Snapshot Poem later this week.

  • None

Thanks to Jopanicia for bringing snacks.

Timed Journal #5
We wrote for fifteen minutes on ONE of the following.  (See me for prompts.)
  • Gender Gap
  • Fly on the Wall
  • Life on Other Planets
  • Ideal Mate
  • We had a paper pass-back and a folder log-in.

Graphic Memoir
  • We talked about how to boil a memoir down to six slides for a comic/graphic.  We talked about options, and used some people's ideas as guinea pigs.
  • We checked out the following websites for help, if we wanted to use a computer-generated graphic memoir:
  • (Then click on "make a comic".)
  • Some people wanted to hand-illustrate theirs, which is great!
  • We worked for thirty-five minutes on these, but everyone ended up needing more time, so we'll continue them tomorrow.
  • None

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