Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, 2/20/2009


Exam Practice
  • Mrs. Stender was here to talk to us about the AP EXAM information she has.
  • MARCH 13TH is the DEADLINE for registering for the exam.
  • Take the info. home to your parents, please.
Backbone Literature
  • We talked about pages B9 and B10 and noted where these phrases originated from in mythology, and how and why they are still used today.

Oedipus Rex
  • I talked about the important of reading the text with FRESH EYES, not going in with any pre-conceived ideas about the play.  I also talked about the need to respect everyone else's ideas during discussion next week.
  • Homework for Monday--read pages 11-28 of the play, and answer the study guide questions #1-10 on page B11 of your textbook.
Quite Work Time
We had about thirty-five minutes to work, so people did one or more of the following:
  • finished the mythology powerpoint, and saved it in the AP folder
  • worked on the Frankenstein essay
  • read Oedipus
See above!


Writing Instruction
  • Imagery--we read the Bronte sentence on page 53, and we took daily notes.  We discussed our answers.  We talked about how even one word can convey a sight or a sound, and sometimes both.

Sense Poem
  • I handed back the first drafts of the Sense Poem.  I talked about four things you need to consider as you do your final draft:  title, punctuation, last line, letting the lines flow naturally.  I also handed out the rubric and went over it.  We spent time creating our final drafts, filling out the rubric, then turning them in.
Cliché Story
  • Tanaeya read her story from a while back.  :-)  It was funny, and filled with clichés.  

Life at Thirty
  • I read the rest of these pieces, then we had the reveal of who wrote which one.
  • Musical Memoir (See the little slip I gave you in class.)

Brain Pain
  • The Sounds of Silence
  • Got a Bee In Your Bonnet?
  • The first one had to do with words that have a silent letter (dumb; gnat; corps), and the second involved listing words with three or more of the same letters (beekeeper; Australia).  We spent time coming up with words, and then we shared them with the whole class.

Writing Assignments
  • Form and Meaning (Follow the directions on page 5 of the text.  Focus on the SOUNDS of your words, more than their meaning.)  We talked some about sound elements:  alliteration, cacophony, harmony, assonance, consonance, rhythm, rhyme, onamotopoeia....
  • Sentence as a Poem--we typed this up (handwritten yesterday).
Ending the Week
  • Everyone wrote three nice things about every other person in class.  We shared a few, then passed our comments to the subject.

  • None

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