Tuesday, February 24, 2009


  • We had a ten-question reading quiz over the first 42 pages of Oedipus Rex.
  • We checked the quiz in class (each person checking his/her own).
  • We spent a lot of time discussing plot-points as we checked the quiz, which ended up serving as our Oedipus discussion for the day.

Mythology Powerpoints
  • We watched and listened to presentations today on Hera, Hekate, Pan, Erinys, Adonis, Eros, and Perseus.  We took notes, so please copy notes from someone, if you were absent today.
Literary Terms
  • I handed out nine terms on pink flashcard-like slips.  Bring these to class with you every day.  We'll use them for vocabulary review.  We'll define them in class Wednesday.
Professor Foster
  • I passed out chapter five--"Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before?"  We had about fifteen minutes to read it, and most of us got about two-thirds of the way through it.  We spent a few minutes at the end of the block discussing some of the things we'd highlighted.  Finish reading it for tomorrow, and remember to highlight phrases or sentences that interest you, things you agree with, things you disagree with, or things you have questions about.
  • Finish chapter five, including highlights.
  • Read pages 42-49 in Oedipus.
  • Answer questions #32-40 in the study guide.

Similes and Metaphors
  • We talked a bit about what they are and why we should try to use them in our writing.
  • I put two columns of words up on the Big Screen, and people took notes on page 54, creating five simile sentences.
  • We shared these and talked about which ones were strong, and which ones needed some tweaking.
  • We got into pairs, and we read each other the metaphors and similes on page 63 (from Mitch Albom and T. Coraghessian Boyle).  We talked about the picture each one put in our heads.
  • We came back together as a group and talked about the images we got.
  • We got back into pairs and read the similes and metaphors on pages 64-5.  In pairs, we tried to pinpoint what went wrong with them, and why.  :-)
  • When we got back together with the whole class, we compared notes.  

Fiction Trade and Grade
  • I handed out checklists for this assignment, and we got back with our same partner.  We had about twenty minutes to read and comment on each other's stories.

  • None

Writing Assignment
I am a Russian Tailor
  • We talked about the assignment--a series of creative, dramatic lies--and Asbury read his for the class.  We each contributed a lie.
  • We had twenty minutes to type a first draft of the poem.
  • We saved our drafts, and we'll return to them tomorrow.

Cookie Monster Controversy
  • After some tense discussion, we checked www.snopes.com to verify whether or not Cookie Monster's name had been changed to Veggie Monster.  We found this claim to be false.
  • We followed up by viewing an NPR interview with Cookie Monster. 

Graphic Memoir
  • We spent about twenty minutes working on our comic strips.  We'll continue them tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

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