Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, 1/27/2009


Homework Due
  • "Home Burial" annotations

Poetry Discussion
  • We talked about "Introduction to Poetry", "Eating Poetry," and "The New Poem".  

  • We got the Frankenstein pages for the textbook.
  • We organized our binder into sections: textbook; writing (orange); Professor Foster (yellow).

  • We talked about the frame story, what it is, and how it affects the narrative.
  • We talked about "gothic" elements.

  • We talked about "fondling the details".
  • We also discussed "ghetto".

  • Select a passage from Frankenstein you feel is worthy of further discussion.  Write down the pages where it can be found, a few key words to identify it, and why you want to discuss it.
  • Think about how/if your language changes based on who's in the room with you.

  • We reviewed pages 4 and 5 and made sure everyone knew what plagiarism and academic fraud are.
  • We talked about material that would be inappropriate to turn in for class, and we took notes on page 1 of our textbook.
  • I answered the rest of the lunchbox questions.

  • We logged in the cliché stories and the I Am a Russian Tailor poems (folder).
  • We decorated our name tags.
Read Aloud
  • We finished all the cliché stories except Tanaeya's.
  • We each shared the strongest detail (line or two) from our I Am a Russian Tailor poem.

Writing Tip
  • Choosing Precise Adjectives (p. 22)--we started talking about what general and relative terms are, and why we should avoid them.
  • Writing Experiment #3
  • Write for fifteen minutes (or more) on one of the Writing Resistance topics on page 17.

Suspense Writing
  • We read James Pinkerton's "How to Write Suspense", and then we wrote our own suspense stories, trying to incorporate as much of his bad advice as possible into them.
  • We put the stories up on the Big Screen and read the aloud.
  • We logged in our Suspense Stories and our I Had the Weirdest Dream poem.
  • We decorated our folders.
  • We decorated our nametags
  • I went over possible class 
Dear Kiddo (p. 7)--at least one page long (typed, doublespaced, preferably)

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