Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, 1/26/2009


Homework Due
  • Perrine Reading Journal (questions 1-4)

  • Nabokov RJ questions
  • What makes a good reader?  Shelby started making a list.
  • Perrine RJ questions
Group Work
  • Poetry Trio Work (p. 23)
  • I gave you two poems to look at and discuss in your groups.  We spent twenty-five minutes or so with the poems, then reconvened to look at "Some People Like Poetry".  We'll continue our discussions of these poems tomorrow.
  • Read Robert Frost's "Home Burial" (pp. 16-17).
  • Follow the directions for PART I only listed on page 18 (five questions; three discoveries).
  • I'll look at your marked-up (annotated) "Home Burial" pages tomorrow.

Homework Due
  • We turned in Journal #1.

Quiet Reading/Portfolio Thinking
We spent the first ten minutes of class reading portfolios.  Each person got one portfolio, read the pieces in it for ten minutes, and gave four positive comments to the author about what he/she liked.

Collaborative Writing
  • We got back into our Clich√© Story Groups.  We had fifteen more minutes to continue and finish the stories.  We saved them on the student volume so we could look at them up on the Big Screen.
  • Three groups read their stories today, and the other four groups will read tomorrow.
Course Overview
  • I answered questions from the pink lunchbox about what kinds of assignments are required for class, how I grade, etc.  
Writing Experiment
  • #2--I Am a Russian Tailor
  • I read three models from last term, and then we had fifteen minutes to type a poem made up of dramatic lies.
Homework:  None


Read Aloud/Homework Due
  • Several people shared their Still Life poems.
  • Then we turned them in.

Timed Journal
  • We typed for fifteen minutes over one of three options.  (See me for prompts.)

Group Work
  • We paired up with someone we hadn't already worked with on the Banished Words, and we came up with seven Alternate Definitions.  We shared these on the Big Screen, and nominated our faves for the "Best Of" list.

  • We put up Brittany Z.'s "I Had the Weirdest Dream" and read it and commented on it.

Homework:  None

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