Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, 12/17/2008

Third Block

Homework Due
I looked at your clean, second draft of the Revised Prose Piece #1 for a homework grade.  We labeled our first and second drafts of this piece.

  • We looked at Having a Writing Conference with Yourself on page 83, and we marked four questions we wanted our peer conferencer to answer for us today.
  • We filled out the gold peer conference sheet for Revision #1.
  • We looked at what at "A" peer conference looks like on pages 84-85.  When you hand your partner's paper back to him/her, it should look crazy, all marked up, so that it's obvious you were thoughtful and thorough in your reading and commenting.
  • We talked a bit about editing and noted that even though it's different from editing, it's important to have a grammatically clean and perfect final draft.
Peer Conferencing
We traded Revision #1 with a partner, and we read and marked up the second draft.

We started drafting our letters (, but I think you know what I'm talking about).

Create a clean, revised second draft of Revised Prose #2.  

Fourth Block
Please see the blog for third block for 12/16.  That's what we did.  :-)

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