Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, 12/18/2008

Fourth Block

Homework Due
You showed me your Revised Prose #1, a second clean copy, with at least ten changes made and noted.

  • We talked about questions you can ask yourself, and your peer conferencer, to make your writing stronger--Having a Writing Conference with Yourself (p. 83).
  • We filled out a gold peer conference sheet for Revised Prose #1.
  • We looked at pages 84-5 to see an example of an "A" peer conference.  That's what I'm looking for in your peer conferences.  When you hand a piece back to the writer, it should be thoughtfully and thoroughly marked up.
Peer Conferencing
  • We traded our piece with another person, and we then read and commented on each other's work.
  • People showed me their conferences when they were done, so I could be sure everyone's got the hang of the peer conferencing thing.
We started drafting our letters.

Have a clean, second draft, with at least ten changes/revisions clearly marked, for Prose Revision #2 for tomorrow.

Third Block
Homework Due
You showed me the clean, second draft of your Revised Prose #2.

Peer Conference
  • We looked at page 83 again for reminders, and we filled out the gold peer conference sheet.
  • We traded pieces with a DIFFERENT person than yesterday, and we read and commented on each other's pieces.  
We continued drafting our letters.  As people finished them, they printed them, and traded them with a partner to proof.  We signed the letter we read, then through them in the drawer.

Revised Prose #3--clean second draft with at least ten changes

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