Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, 12/22/2008 (late start)

Third Block:

Homework Due
Everyone showed me the Revised Prose #3 second draft.

Peer Conference
We filled out gold sheets using page 83, and we traded with someone we haven't traded with yet, and we read and commented on each other's paper.

We finished our letters, printed them on festive paper, and turned them in.  Nolan will deliver them to their destination later this afternoon.

I finished reading the Life at Thirty pieces, and we made our guesses, then revealed the real authors.

We passed back papers and did a folder log-in.

Take you folders home with you.  Know which THREE POEMS you'll revise. Remember you may NOT choose the Sense Poem or the Autobiographical, since those have already been revised to some degree.

Fourth Block
Homework Due
Revised Prose Piece #2

(See above, Third Block.)

Peer Conferencing
We filled out the gold sheet for Revised Prose #2 so we can peer conference it tomorrow.

Revised Prose #3--a second draft of your third prose piece, with at least ten changes (not counting editing

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