Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, 12/23/2008 (early dismissal)

Howdy, for the last time in 2008.

I hope you guys have a great winter break and holiday.

Fourth Block
Homework Due
Revised Prose #3

Peer Conferencing
  • We traded and conferenced over Revised Prose #2.
  • We filled out a gold sheet for Revised Prose #3, and we traded it with a partner to read as homework over break.  It's due when you come back January 5th.  
We consumed the cookies and Chex Mix that Mrs. Green and Mrs. Long sent us.  :-)

Housekeeping and Homework
  • We passed back papers and did a folder log-in.
  • I went over the green sheet--homework for break.  There's a lot there to read and think about, and some writing as well, so give yourself time to get it all done by January 5th.
Call me or e-mail me if you have questions or concerns, please!

Third Block

We consumed the snacks Mrs. Long and Mrs. Green sent over, and they were yummy.  :-)

Housekeeping and Homework
(same as Fourth Block above)

We had about an hour to work on green sheet items.

Y'all enjoy your break!  :-)

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