Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, 1/5/2009

Welcome back!

Our three focal points for the week are as follows:
  • revision and conferencing
  • portfolio
  • writing workshop with first-graders
Homework Due
Revised Poem #1--people showed me their second and original drafts.

Peer Conferencing
We used page 89 in the book for help with questions for the gold sheet; then we traded with someone new for a thoughtful, thorough peer conference.

Everyone who's on schedule worked on the following:
  • revising poem #2 (for tomorrow)
  • creating final, perfect drafts of the three revised prose pieces (for Thursday)
People who were behind schedule attempted to catch up by answering "yes" to the following questions:
  • Do I have a conference over each of my three revised prose pieces?
  • Do I have a conference over my revised poem #1?
Portfolio Thinking
  • We went over the general guidelines on page 9.
  • We read Nicole's reflection to get an idea of how we are supposed to go about writing the portfolio reflection.
Homework (if not completed in class)
second draft of revised poem #2 (due tomorrow)
second draft of revised poem #3 (due Wednesday)
final portfolio (due next Tuesday)

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