Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday, 12/9/2008


Fourth block did not meet today due to the early-out.  I miss you guys.  Hopefully I'll see you again sometime soon!  :-)

Here's what we did in Third Block:

Writing Experiment #14 (Choice)
See me for the options if you missed class today.

Showing, not Just Telling Writing Lessons
  • Imagery (p. 53)  
  • We looked at the Bronte sentence, took notes over it, and discussed our answers.  We talked about how some words appeal to a reader's visual sense (The reader can SEE it.), while other words appeal to a reader's auditory sense (The reader can HEAR it.)  And some words can evoke both visual and auditory images.
  • Imagery--Revising the Hot Chocolate Sentence (p. 54)
  • We revised this sentence five times, focusing on a different sense each time.  We shared and discussed responses on the big screen.

Writing Assignment
We talked about what a Perfect Moment could be.  We read and discussed some quotes, as well as three examples of Perfect Moment Memoirs on pages 68-9.  We spent the last fifteen minutes of class typing a rough draft, which we'll work on again tomorrow.

Please keep looking at and thinking about Vocabulary Variety on pages 60-61.  As we focus more on diction, and on showing, not just telling, I think you'll find those two pages helpful in strengthening your writing.

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