Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday, 12/10/2008 (THIRD BLOCK)


Third Block

Writing and Revision Lesson--Revising the Sense Poem
We looked at snippets from people's Sense Poem (You got back your rough draft today.), and we talked about what we could do to REVISE these poems and make them stronger:  using precise diction, using similes or metaphors, making the title and the last line work together (but not simply repeat one another), taking out one sense and subbing in another, if the poem felt awkward....  I handed out the rubric, and we went over it.

We spent about twenty-five minutes revising, printing, and filling out the rubric for the Sense Poem, and we handed them in.

Peer Conferencing--Musical Memory
We talked about what kinds of comments we wanted from our partners when we traded the memoirs:  organization, diction, clarity, interest, realism, phrasing, humor, detail, imagery.

We agreed that we needed to make at least ten comments on our partner's paper.  

We spent about fifteen minutes reading and conferencing, then turned in the Musical Memories with our comments and signatures on them.

Writing Lesson--Perfect Moment
We spent the last fifteen minutes of class working on the typed rough draft of our Perfect Moment.  Anyone who wasn't satisfied with the draft at the end of the block planned to work on the draft tonight.

Everyone needs a typed rough draft of the Perfect Moment for THURSDAY (tomorrow), as we're going to trade them and peer-conference over the five senses.

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