Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creative Writing--Friday, 2/27/15

Day Thirty-Five--Happy Friday!  2/27/15

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Grab your page 32 off the phone table, please!
  4. You do NOT need computers out, so please leave them put away.  

Focus for the Last Eleven  Days
  1. Showing, Not Just Telling
  2. Revision

Writing Lesson:  Show, Don’t Just Tell
Review--pass back page 32 from yesterday, so you can put that back in your binder.
1.      Difference between “literal” and “figurative language” (p. 32)
2.     Least Vivid to Most Vivid (p. 32 )
3.     Diction Sandra Cisneros (p. 32)
4.     Vocabulary Variety—reminder

Writing Lesson:  Show, Don’t Just Tell—How to Create Imagery

  • What time is it?  
  • We have to start working on the Prompt Word Peer Conference no later than 2:55!

Writing Assignment:  Sense Poem Pre-Write
  • Before we do this assignment, we’ll pretend school is our favorite place to be, and we’ll do the Visualizing Worksheet together, just to make sure we all know waht we’re doing.
1.   Think of a place you love to be.
2.   Fill out the Visualizing Worksheet listing twenty concrete details.)

NOTE:  I want you to think about what you’ve learned about diction, about one word making a difference, about vivid and precise writing when you list your details.
3.   Number them.
4.   Use your Vocab Variety sheet for help with diction.

Trade!  On your partner’s paper, do the following:
  1. Circle or box their FOUR strongest, most vivid details.
  2. Write three questions you have on the back of the paper about this place.
  3. Sign your name on the back as well!
  4. Remind them to number each detail, if they didn’t already do that, please.

FINALLY, make sure your name and topic are listed in the top right box, then turn this sheet into the drawer.

  • One word can make a difference!
  • How is this notion connected to the assignment you are currently working on--the Prompt Word Poem?

2:55 at the latest!  Prompt Word Poem Peer Conference
  1. You had a twenty-five line start due by the beginning of class today.
  2. We’re doing to peer conference it now, using the rubric to help us make comments.
  3. You as the reader fill out the RIGHT column with numbers, then fill the blanks out with evidence from the poem to support your score.
  4. Make AT LEAST ten comments on the writer’s draft online, just like you did with the Childhood Fear Poem and the Autobio Poem.
  5. Writer, you do nothing on the rubric at all.
  6. Reader, give the rubric to the writer when you finish.
  7. I will take up the rubric before you leave, and we will use it Monday to make final revisions on this piece.
  8. I am going to give you ______minutes to continue working on it now.

  • Complete the no red ink grammar activities.

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