Monday, February 23, 2015

Creative Writing--Monday, 2/23/2015

Day Thirty-ONE--Happy Monday, 2/23/15!

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Please grab your manila folder off the phone table.

  1. Retitle your piece, “Your Last Name--Three Pieces, One Loss.”
  2. Share it with me now, and make sure it is “CAN EDIT.”  Thanks!
  • Paper pass-back and folder log-in
  • Prose pieces explanation  (If I’m not able to meet with you today, I will meet with you tomorrow.)

Revision Preparation--What does revision look like?
  1. Turn to page 17.
  2. Read the directions with me--make notes of the modifications I make.
  3. Analyze the final draft of this poem compared to the first.
  4. Make at least TEN ANNOTATIONS.
  5. Started 2:12; ending @ 2:20-ish
  6. Pair-share your annotations:  2:22-2:27.
  7. Compare your annotations.  What is Gracey changing?
  8. What KIND OF REVISION is Gracey doing?
    1. addition (adding details/words not in the original)
    2. subtraction (taking out words that aren’t needed)
    3. substitution (taking out one thing, and putting in something else)
    4. transposition (moving things around)
    5. structure--line breaks, stanza, etc.
  9. Put your name at the top, and put this in the drawer.
  10. Play quizlet with the new vocab list until I stop you!

Revision:  Autobio Poem w/Rubric (final)
  1. Let’s review the guidelines (with examples) for Final Revision (posted in class google folder for your review):
  2. Here’s a copy of the rubric--let’s review it so we know what our targets are.  
  3. Tell yourself, “This is a test, where I’m showing I know how to use everything I’ve learned in class thus far to revise my poem to a final draft.”
  4. Revise your poem.  (Leave it in the folder.)
  5. Thoughtfully fill out your rubric, and turn it in to the drawer.

  • We only had ten minutes to work on this.
  • We will have a peer conference tomorrow, then complete our final revisions on this piece.

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