Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Advanced CW--Monday, 2/23/15

Advanced Creative Writing
Day Thirty-One--Monday, February, 23rd, 2015  

  • DUE:  Six pages on your story story
Short Story Workshop Prep
  1. Fill out the yellow highlighted portion only of the spreadsheet in our class folder called “Short Story Workshop.”
  2. Complete the assignment on schoology, “Short Story Final Checklist FIRST THING.”
  3. Do one last revision today; we are printing copies of stories and assigning two for you to read for tomorrow.
    1. LENGTH:  six pages, minimum
    2. CHARACTER:  strong development via vivid description  (Don’t forget your “Describing People!  Did you get that in there?)
    3. SETTING:  strong imagery to create vivid descriptions of where and when; is your visualizing blocks page in there?
    4. DIALOGUE:  strongly written and correctly edited, with snapshots and thoughtshots
    5. DICTION:  it’s vivid and clear; consider connotation.

  • While you are working, I will figure out workshop groups.  If there is anyone you prefer to work with, e-mail as soon as work time starts today.  After lunch, I will let you know what your workshop groups will be.
  • After lunch, three people in each group handed out stories to group members.   We spent the rest of the block reading and commenting--six-eight comments per page.
  • Homework:  finish your three stories for homework.

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