Friday, February 6, 2015

Advanced CW--Thursday, 2/5/15

THURSDAY, 2/5/15
Day Twenty

Post Secrets
  1. When I put one up on the screen, fill out your guess sheet.
  2. Keep your noises, weird eyeballs, meaningful glances, etc, to yourself!  Do not out someone!

Suspense Story Sharing
  1. Read each other’s stories IN THE ORDER I’ve given you.
  2. Why?  So eight people aren’t on one doc at a time!
  3. Each of you make TWO comments about where you see SUSPENTASTIC writing.
  4. Give people kudos for incorporating Pinkerton’s advice!

Revise Childhood Memoir
  • The directions are on schoology.  Please read and follow them carefully!   Thanks!

  1. Revise your Childhood Memoir to a final draft.
  2. Read the Childhood Memoir Reflection Directions on page 43.  I want you to see what you have to do AFTER you finish revising, so you make sure to do that in the revision process!
  3. Review the grading rubric for this assignment on page 44.  You will fill this out and turn it in to the drawer on FRIDAY, when this revision is due.
  4. Save your reflection in the folder on google drive for this assignment.  Thanks!

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