Monday, February 16, 2015

Advanced CW--Monday, 2/9/15

Day Twenty-Two--Monday, 2/9/15

When You Come In--Happy Monday!
  1. Sign in!
  2. Grab TWO story maps!
  3. Circle up with the chairs you’re already sitting in, please.

Big Idea:  Today, we’re jumping in to the short story unit!

Discussion--Short Story Elements (as shown on your workheet, which you need TWO copies of.)

Independent Listening and Work
  1. You need headphones.  If you need to go get them, do so quickly and quietly.  Thanks!
  2. Look for an interesting story on THE MOTH.
  3. Listen to it.
  4. Fill out a story map.
  5. Select a THIS AMERICAL LIFE to listen two.
  6. Listen to segments one and two (the shorter ones), then listen to the third, longest segment, and fill the worksheet out for that last story only.
  7. Repeat the process with a story from THIS AMERICAN LIFE.
  8. If you are listening to a story, and you decide you don’t like it, stop listening, and find a new one!  There is an incredible variety and range here—something for everyone.
  9. Be independent.

Select one story from THE MOTH:

Select one story from THIS AMERICAN LIFE:

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