Monday, February 9, 2015

Advanced CW--Friday, 2/6/15

Day Twenty-One--Friday, 2/6/15
  Class 11:25-11:57
B Lunch 12:00-12:25
  Class 12:27-1:05

All SCHOOL ARTS ASSEMBLY 1:10-2:05 Iowa Army National Guard Band Performance

When You Come In
1.      Get a take-out container.
2.     Get five hearts.

Readings:  How to Create a Compliment
  • Read/watch each of the following, on your path to becoming a bad-ass at creating powerful, meaningful, interesting compliments.

The Art of the Compliment:

The Art of Perfecting a Compliment:

Writing the Compliment!
1.      Come get a name from the bucket.
2.     Write down who you drew on the clipboard.
3.     Think carefully about the person.
4.     Stare at him/her intently, so that a gulf of awkwardness grows between you.  (…just kidding!)
5.     Based on the informational reading and viewing you’ve just completed, create a superb compliment.
6.     Deliver it to the person’s take-out container.
7.     Repeat four more times!

After Lunch
Whole Class Sharing

  1. Pick up your mailbox, and read your five exquisite compliments.
  2. Select the one you feel is most exquisite, most genuine, most complimentary!  :-)
  3. Circle up!
  4. Read it aloud when it’s your turn.
  5. snarky comments during this--positive and genuine comments only!  Please and thank you!

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