Friday, February 27, 2015

Advanced Creative Writing--Thursday, 2/26/15

Day Thirty-Four--Thursday, February 26th, 2015

When You Come In
  • Grab the two yellow papers on the desk.

Children’s Story Prep
  1. Interview Schedule and Directions
  2. Potential Writing Buddy Interview Question
  3. Children’s Story Recommendations from Two Years Ago
  4. Rausch Writing Buddies (page 1)
  5. Packet pages 2-7

Trio Work
  1. Get a chidren’s story and sticky notes.
  2. Write ONE good element from the story on yellow.
  3. Write ONE weakness on pink.
  4. Repeat, until you have covered the strengths of each book.  Talk to each other!  :-)
What Makes a Good Children’s Book?

Read and Annnotate
  1. page 2
  2. page 4
  3. page 6

  • Read a children’s book when you finish, please!

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