Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Creative Writing--Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

Day Five
Tueday, January 13th,  2015

When You Come In

  1. Please initial next to your name on the clipboard.

  2. Grab a pink Creative Writing textbook.
  3. Put your phone in the phone hostage station (back circle table by the windows).

Writing Lesson
1.     What is it?
2.     Why should you care?
3.     How will it help you in this class?
4.     How will it help you next year and in college?

Writing Lesson:  Clichés
1.   Clichés--page 7—what are they?  Why are they bad for our writing?  
2. Create anti-clichés (p. 7).
a. It has to make sense! (be true)
b. It has to be original.
c. It has to put a picture in our heads!
Started at 2:18 ; ending about 2:31-ish?

  • If you’ve done your best work, and you have time leftover, read the cliché’s on pages 8 and 9, and put a check by the ones you’ve heard before.
  • Write your name in big letters across the top of your paper.

Sharing Our Work
  1. Put your name in big letters across the top of page seven.
  2. Trade FOUR TIMES for smileys and initials. (started  ______)
    1. Read all the answers.
    2. Put a smiley AND your initials by the writer’s best TWO.
    3. Keep trading!
  3. Now, DRAW A RECTANGLE around the closest thing you have to a MASTERPIECE!
  4. Share your STRONGEST answer when your number comes up.
  5. Pass it over for turn-in.  Thanks!

(on schoology)  Directions for Cliché Story Prep: (15 minutes)
1.      Click on the folder called "Cliché Lists", and create a new doc in there.
2.     Save it as YOUR LAST NAME--Cliché List.
3. Go on a cliché hunt.  In the next fifteen minutes, browse EACH of the following sites for clichés.
4. When you find a cliché that particularly strikes you (imagery, accuracy, humor) copy and paste it into a google doc titled "Cliché List".
5. Number each one as you go.
6. You need at least fifteen at the end of fifteen minutes.  (Do you know how to automatically number your list?)

When You Finish Creating Your List

  1. Quizlet

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