Friday, January 30, 2015

Comp Strats, Friday, January 30th, 2015

Day Seventeen--Friday, January 30th, 2015

When You Come In
  1. Initial next to your name on my clipboard for attendance.
  2. Drop your phone in the phone hostage center.  Put your phone BEHIND your name card, please.
  3. Grab your orange daiy reading log and your book, please.
  4. Put your papers in your binders, please.

New Vocab Words
  • to germinate
  • holocaust
    • Keep the worksheet until the end of the block today, so you have it for help finding vocab pics, if needed.

Vocab Picture Assignment, Words #1-20
Here's the link to the assignment, if you need that: Vocab Pic Assignment.
1)  Today, you need to complete your list for our first set of vocab words--twenty words total, forty pictures, total.
2)  These should all be saved on a folder on your desktop.
3)  Make sure they are each labeled as I directed you in the original assignment:  adversity 1, adversity 2, etc.
3)  When you have all forty pics labeled correctly, change your "VIEW" to "LIST," then take a screenshot, showing me all your pics.  (If you have to take two screenshots, please do so.)  Command / Shift / 3
4)  Submit your screenshot here, on schoology.
Picture Reminder:  you probably won’t be able to just type in “image bellicose” and get the picture of your dreams.  You’ll do better if you think of someone or something who is the EXAMPLE of bellicose, then search for that image.  For example, Hitler was bellicose--he was antagonistic and always looking for a fight.  So search “Hitler image” instead of “bellicose image."

Getting Your Best Pics to Google Drive Folder
  1. Select your BEST THREE PICTURES, the ones that really SHOW what the vocab words means.
  2. Drag it into/Save it in the folder I’ve created in our class google folder:
  3. Make sure it is saved as your LAST NAME 1, LAST NAME 2, and LAST NAME 3 in the folder.  Thanks!

  • Read until I stop you; do not quit early and start filling out your sheet, etc.  
  • Quitting early means you will only earn a “3,” at best for your daily reading today.  
  • I promise I will let you know when it is time to put away in plenty of time to pack up.  
  • Don’t I always?!

Read and Relax
  • Get your daily reading log and your reading book
  • Fill it out.
  • Read and enjoy your just-right book.

Last Few Minutes
Complete your daily reading log
a.     time ended
b.    page ended
2.     Rate yourself. (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

3. Put your daily reading log and book over on the table where it was when class started (or take your book with you, if you’re reading outside of class).

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