Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, 12/8/14--CPR

Monday, December 8th
Day 32
(Twelve Days Remaining)

When You Come In
  1. Sign in.
  2. Put the desks in a circle that includes everyone.
  3. Open your play to page 28

Oedipus Rex Read-Aloud and Discussion Continue reading from page 28.
  1. Annotate as we go:
    1. DI = dramatic irony
    2. Things Oedipus says/does that make him a good king
    3. References to blindness and sight, not seeing and seeing
    4. Greek Myth Connections
    5. Questions (…mostly when you read on your own.)
    6. Box or highlight vocabulary words
    7. MOTIFS
  2. Thank you people who discussed a lot Friday, and thank you to people who asked a few questions or made a few comments.  Your comments and questions during discussion will keep our reading of the play ALIVE!  
  3. Let’s hear from everyone today.  You don’t need to raise your hands.  Let’s go college-style and discuss like grown-ups.  :-)
  4. Chris/Yara, can you keep track again today?


  • Quizlet studying for the vocab quiz

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