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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014--Creative Writing

Tuesday, November 11th
Day Sixteen

When You Come In
  1. Sign in, please.
  2. Put your phone in the hostage center.
  3. Make sure your Death of Language assignment is saved in the class folder as follows:  “YOUR LAST NAME—DEATH OF LANGUAGE”.

Due Today
  • Death of Language, half-way completed--ten words with full reasons that look at least as detailed as the models; saved on google drive.

Death of Language Progress Check-- Half-way Checkpoint  (ten words with full reasons that look at least as detailed and thoughtful as the answers on page 19)
  1. Goal #1:  Get feedback on your work so far that will show you if you are on the right track for creating an excellent assignment, or if you need to dedicate more time and energy to this assignment between now and Thursday.
  2. Goal #2:  Learn some new vocabulary words.  Diction, diction, diction!  :-)
  3. Explanation #1:  Page 20:  Progress Check (which you will complete now)
  4. Explanation #2:  Page 21:  Handout #1:  Final Assessment (which we will fill out THURSDAY, when all twenty answers are due)
  5. Started 2:12; ending 2:32 (twenty minutes)

After You Complete Page 20
  1. When you finish your two progress checks, turn in your page 20 to me.
  2. Quizlet--study the poetry vocab, until you can score 90% or better on the Test--test yourself on “written” and “matching” only, since that is how the paper test will be formatted:
  3. Then move on to the new word list I made for you, ACT Prep Word List #1:

Writing Experiment #6--I Am a Russian Tailor
Thirty Minutes (Ten to explain and model; twenty to type)

Here's the assignment:
  1. Write a poem about yourself that is filled with lies.
  2. Try to make up creative, dramatic lies, rather than saying things such as “I have two cats” or “I love chocolate pudding.”
  3. Your Writing Task:  Write a poem that is a series of creative, dramatic lies!
  4. Don’t worry about what order you put stuff in—just type/write the lies as fast as you can!

Some Examples of Lines—Notice How They SHOW!  (Concrete Details; Precise Diction)
1.           I have dog breath, even though I brush my teeth ten times a day.
2.          I love to wake up early and watch the sunrise.
3.          I have seventeen middle names, one of which is Gertrude.
4.         My imaginary whip sound is the best in the universe.
5.          All the windows in my house are made of titanium.
6.         I think bright red and neon green look good together.
7.          I like it when people whine; it makes me want to hug them.
8.         I had to kill a unicorn yesterday.
9.         I love to lick chalk dust
10.     I heat my house with lightning and ten tiny hamsters chained to an electric generator.
11.       I burned all the books in my house last week.
12.      When I cracked two rocks together, I created a squirrel.
13.      I write everything down fifteen times on pink paper.

Reminders About Your First Draft of RUSSIAN TAILOR
1.      NO BODILY FUNCTIONS!  Please, and thank you!

Here’s a model of this poem (which has been revised to a final draft form):

Michael Witt

Ms. Willis

Creative Writing (Russian Tailor)

14 April 2014

Days of Glory

Now that I am 6’4”
and bulletproof
I enjoy reflecting on my life.
When I was a kid I took the bite out of the Apple logo.
It tasted spectacular.
Drinking a gallon of milk every day,
for breakfast,
was my specialty.
I then began to eat nails for breakfast
without milk.

I was so tough I tamed a velociraptor,
complete with a navigation system,
and rode it to school.
I was so smart in school--
History studied me.
Because of my skills
I taught Abe Lincoln how to lie.

As I became stronger I defeated Sylvester Stallone in an arm wrestling contest.
I then took over for Captain America,
and have an all-access pass to the White House.

My first job was the lead guitarist for Motley Crue.
Next, another occupation,
a lumberjack.
Cutting down more trees
than Paul Bunyan.

I began to pity Mr. T
and beat him in a boxing match
after climbing Mt. Everest
forty-five times,
as training.

That wasn’t enough challenge
I decided to go after Chuck Norris
 I knocked him out
to let him know I’m the alpha
He is now on my speed dial
in case we want to hang out again

For entertainment I started to attack sharks.
When sharks started to become extinct--
because of my assassin skills
I traveled around the world in 79 days.
I met up with Vin Diesel
and showed him how to drive.

In a race I beat Usain Bolt by 10 seconds.
Because of my speed I decided to compete in the Olympics
as my own country
and I won.
After all of my success I became best friends with Ben and Jerry
and now give them the new flavors of ice cream
Caramel Candy Crunch
and Razzle Dazzle Raspberry
Just to name a few
Once I got even older I woke up extra early to drink orange juice.
Immediately after this I enjoyed brushing my teeth.

Again I became bored so I tinkered around,
making Iron Man suits.
Sometimes I lend them out to Tony Stark.

On my final excursion of my life
I was bitten by a poisonous snake with rabies.
After 24 days of agonizing pain,
the snake died.

I was so powerful I stimulated 5 Gum’s senses.

I guess you could say my life was pretty boring.

Workshop Time (Started 2:58; ending 3:17)
“I Am a Russian Tailor” (2o minutes)
  1. Type at least twenty-five different lines.
  3. Use your vocab variety sheet to help you be precise and descriptive.
  4. Include as many senses (sight, sound, texture, smell, taste, color) as you can.
  5. When you complete #1-4, move on to the items in red below.

  1. Study for tomorrow poetry vocab quiz.
  2. Have at least twenty-five lines written on your Russian


  • When I call your name, come get your phone, please!  Thanks!
  • Then, pack up, and get ready to go.
  • Hang out in your seats though--please and thank you!

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