Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014


Day 32
Thursday, October 2, 2014
1) Oedipus Rex Final Exam
2) Hero’s Journey Movie-Viewing Assignment (on schoology); worksheet to follow!
3) Where We’re Heading
  • Parody and Satire                                               Animal Farm

Write four  questions on your notes:
  1. What is “PARODY?”
  2. What is “SATIRE”?
  3. How are they the same?
  4. How are they different?


Actual Brad Pitt Commercial here:

Parody of the Brad Pitt Commercial here:

Music video for “Ridin” here:

Music parody video “White and Nerdy” here:

“The Poor” in America (Colbert Report)

Music video for “Gansta’s Paradise”

Music parody video “Amish Paradise” here:


  1. You have two new word lists on quizlet for Animal Farm.
  2. Hero’s Journey Movie assignment.


Day 32
Thursday, October 2, 2014


  • Your checklist is on schoology for today's date.


  • When Mrs. Farmer comes in, whatever we’re doing, stop, and get up out of your desks, and prepare for the Vocab Connoisseur award presentation!  :-)

  • Play quizlet quietly, until I let you know we are ready to discuss the survey results.

Reflection (Typed, on google drive)
  • Considering all we heard and saw during our University of Iowa visit yesterday, where do you see yourself in four years?
In your answer, do all the following
  1. Visualize--use at least ten specific, concrete details (things we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch) to SHOW me what your life will be like in four years.
  2. Write in complete sentences.
  3. Use paragraphs to show when you are shifting from one idea to another.
  4. Share this doc with me on google drive.


  1. Play quizlet for fifteen minutes.
  2. Complete the orange vocab sheet for TO CURTAIL, OBSTINATE, and TO COLLABORATE.  
  3. Synonyms
    1. reduce
    2. shorten
    3. cut short
    4. cut back
    5. decrease
    6. lessen
    7. halt
  4. Antonyms
    1. Extend
    2. Lengthen
    3. to strengthen
    4. To grow!!!

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